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Case Study: Tzu Chi & LearningDigital
GKE Facilitates the Educational Involvements of International Foundations and Corporations

As part of its commitment to a global community, GKE assumes a role of leadership in disseminating Best Educational Practices and cutting edge research and exploration. GKE initiates and facilitates the critical educational sharing of ideas; it nurtures the networking of visionaries, stakeholders, and decision makers interested in the development of global, e-learning.
GKE recognizes that 21st century learning is not confined to the classroom or to a particular age group. It seeks to enlarge global learning's 24/7, globally pluralistic, and cross-generational concepts. It works to bring together educational institutions, government bodies, foundations, and corporations in the shared pursuit of global learning.
GKE President James Chang and Dr. King V. Cheek GKE is dedicated to the effective dissemination of cutting edge Best Educational Practices to facilitate the critical implementation of strong, educational technology infrastructures. GKE frequently facilitates classroom visitations and meetings between educational leaders. As a powerful reflection of GKE's dedication and commitment, GKE President James Chang personally elects to accompany key leaders on their visitations and to meet personally to develop visionary initiatives.
GKE-facilitated Classroom Visitation for the Tzu Chi Foundation

In March, 2001, GKE President James Chang facilitated members of the Tzu Chi Foundation on a visitation to Hunterdon Central Regional High School, a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in Flemington, New Jersey, USA.

Tzu Chi Foundation members were given a facility tour by Dr. Roland Pare, HCRHS Director of Information Systems. Attending members of the Tzu Chi Foundation viewed a pilot classroom presentation by former US Commissioner on the Congressional Commission on Web-based Education and GKE Vice President of Research, Florence McGinn.

Discussion of multimedia project assessment areas was given by HCRHS English Instructor, Dan VanAntwerp. In the HCRHS pilot project classroom, a full ComWeb system is deployed. Award-winning classroom methodologies employ ComWeb technology and the GKE Learning System's concepts.

Members of the Tzu Chi Foundation viewed in-depth, proof-of-concept, award-winning student project work as well as had discussion with pilot project students. The visit was attended by GKE President, James Chang, and the following Tzu Chi attendees:
Jackson Chen: Executive Administrative Assistant, Tzu Chi Foundation, New Jersey; School Administrator, Tzu Chi Academy, New Jersey;
Katie Chao: Secretary for Inter-office Affairs, Tzu Chi Foundation, New Jersey; School Administrator, Tzu Chi Academy, New Jersey;

Yong Tai Tsai:
Information Technology Team Leader, Tzu Chi Foundation, New Jersey;

Christina Su:
Teacher, Tzu Chi Academy, New Jersey; Activity Coordinator, Tzu Chi Academy, New Jersey;
LearningDigital.com CEO, Shumin Chuang, Views
Award-winning Pilot Projects
CEO, Shumin Chuang, of Taiwan-based LearningDigital.com was facilitated by GKE President James Chang in viewing award-winning, student pilot projects at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, New Jersey, USA, in March, 2001.

Shumin Chuang viewed AT&T grant-supported pilot projects Electric Soup and the Multimedia Electronic Portfolio, GKE facilitated International Pilot Projects, Macromedia Corporation-supported Flash presentations, and other pilot projects such as CyberLit and the National Edition of Electric Soup.

CEO Shumin Chuang viewed the HCRHS pilot classroom that utilizes ComWeb technology as an in-classroom network as well as a distance learning configuration. She viewed and discussed usage of classroom methodologies based upon GKE Learning System's concepts of innovation and strategies of technology-assisted learning. CEO Shumin Chuang reciprocated by sharing a presentation of cutting edge, corporate-developed xml tools that can be deployed in educational environments.

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