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Case Study:Dianye
A GKE-facilitated International Collaboration in Education and the Emerging Technologies

A Global Learning Project and Its Development

Substantive progress has been made in facilitating innovative, technology-assisted learning, but there are many opportunities yet to be fully utilized and even more yet to be discovered. Empowered learning at its most powerful opens up the world, and the global commitment of GKE to international learning creates a natural and effective partnering of this international corporation with the 21st century nature of 24/7, customized, technology-assisted education.

This project is one of many GKE activities and projects. With ComWeb Technology Group, its sister corporation, and with numerous, strategic partners at the K-12, university, and corporate level, GKE designs and builds technology-assisted learning interactions that are customized to suit regional and international needs.

In support of emerging technologies projects, GKE can facilitate in policy design and development, system-wide deployment of training and strategies built upon Information Age process and theories, turnkey technology-focused classrooms, distance learning collaborations, and implementation of cutting edge, proven strategies in deployment at classroom through government levels.

Dianye Middle School, Beijing, China Dianye Middle School, Beijing, China
This International Learning Project facilitated by GKE (Global Knowledge Exchange) provides for learning collaborations between Hunterdon Central Regional High School located in Flemington, New Jersey and Dianye Middle School, a prestigious high school, in Beijing, China.

This GKE International Learning Project began as a result of a series of presentations made at a seminar on technology-assisted learning, technology infrastructure, and modern innovation held in Beijing, China.

Florence McGinn
Through the facilitation of GKE and its President James Chang, American presenters traveled to China. Among the presenters were Dr. Roland Pare, HCRHS Director of Information Systems; Mrs. Florence McGinn, US Commissioner on the Congressional Commission on Web-based Education and an HCRHS English Instructor; and Dr. Joseph T. McGinn,Dr. Joseph T. McGinn, Sarnoff Corporation a scientist from Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, New Jersey.

Extensive, executive level presentations were made on providing "Electronic Velocity to Technology-assisted Learning" and on "Research Policy Recommendations of the US Congessional Commission on Web-based Education." Areas of digital culture and current theory were encompassed inclusive of the role of the Information Age worker and a case study of a premiere American research institute, Sarnoff Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey, and its history of award-winning research and venture capital development.

GKE President & CEO James ChangCEO James Chang offered a full, executive overview of E-learning through careful analysis of the development and services of the industry as well as ComWeb Technology Group and GKE.


Joining presenters from America were key officials from China, industry, educational, as well as government stakeholders, who provided background and perspectives on China's initiatives.

In addition to keynote presentations, executive discussion groups and on-site visits were provided to add interaction and depth to the conference.

President Wang BaliAmong the many, successful interactions from the trip, an innovative student learning project with Dianye Middle School located in the Liangxiang area of Beijing, China, was initiated with the continued facilitation and support of GKE. Under the leadership of President Wang Boli, a rich and mutually beneficial learning collaboration was envisioned. With the facilitation of President Wang Boli, Florence McGinn was appointed an Off-Campus Professor of Poetry at Dianye.

Students joining GKE Vice President of Research, Florence McGinn, in the explorative, distance learning project at Hunterdon Central Regional High School were experienced ELECTRIC SOUP student editors, student writers involved in electronic publishing, and pilot project students involved in distance learning projects. They include (from left to right in photo) Sujay Pandit, Christopher George, Sri Adusumalli, Dani Moore, Douglas Gorton, Lin Zhao, Dheera Venkatraman, (not in photo) Jon Rossway, and (seated) pilot projects English teacher, Dan VanAntwerp.

Meaningful, Information Age interactions that demonstrate the 21st century learner's abilitiy to penetrate past barriers of time and distance are planned. In-depth and innovative interactions were envisioned. The designed learning interactions:

a. supported the enhancement of English language skills
b. built the creative development of literary analysis and original poetry writing to the high accomplishment level of electronic publishing Student Editor-In-Chief Sujay Pandit and Director Feature Editor Carl Kulpa

c. enhanced the insightful exploration of American and Chinese cultures
d. facilitated the student-focused development of technology-assisted learning skills
e. encouraged Digital Age innovation and educational empowerment

Teaching strategies included were innovative uses of technology-assisted learning. Providing additional depth was the inclusion of the published, full-length book of poetry BLOOD TRAIL.

The project resulted in a full semester of writing workshop study done through exciting, electronic videoconferencing interactions. Additionally, it provided an opportunity for international, collaborative publishing, and students from China are published in full multimedia on the Internet by Electric Soup editors.

Additionally, students from the United States interviewed and created a feature reflecting the friendships established while learning through this exemplary distance learning project.

The successful project already has seen extraordinary growth. It originated as a collaborative study of poetry, and it already has grown from its English literature roots to encompass involvement with the HCRHS Science Department and the HCRHS Foreign Language Department.

This project based on the GKE Learning System has disseminated strongly to support science lessons as well as collaborative language lessons designed to assist the enhancement of learning both Chinese and English are part of this GKE Learning System project.

Projects utilizing GKE Learning System strategies have resulted in powerful, learner empowerment. A further glimpse of the deployment of methodologies included in this case study have resulted in other projects such as:
a. American students publishing in Singapore
b. the development of a CD-ROM of technology-assisted learning strategies for Chinese educators through the support of Centrix Technology and GKE
c. the involvement of a professional poet and University of Beijing professor with writing students in the United States
d. students from countries such as Singapore, Italy, France, South Africa, and Germany publishing in the United States
e. student involvements in international multimedia publication
f. student involvement in the development of professional web sites

For further information on the GKE Learning System projects, you may contact
CEO, James Chang jchang@gke.com
Vice President of Research, Florence McGinn fmcginn@gke.com

The innovative involvement of learners powers international initiatives in technology-assisted education. Please, view powerful products of creative achievement at these web sites!

The GKE Learning System is built upon foundations of visionary applications of innovation, powerful focus on empowering creative process, building in-depth reach in academic achievement, and cutting edge use of the emerging technologies.
You may view project work based upon these concepts applied to writing and electronic publishing collaborations assisted by GKE (Global Knowledge Exchange) at http://homer.hcrhs.k12.nj.us/china/index.html

Further International Initiatives have been facilitated by GKE and grant-supported by AT&T. You may view examples of such interactions in the electronic publication of the award-winning, student e-zine, Electric Soup, available at
View student learning involvements with professional Chinese poet, Ke Yan at
View the Macromedia Flash animation of poetry of Katy Ho, Beijing at
View the Macromedia Flash animation of poetry of Dianye Middle School, Beijing, China students at
View the ELECTRIC SOUP initiative resulting in a thematic NATIONAL EDITION at
View the ELECTRIC SOUP collaboration with Italy at
These pilot project initiatives and related learning projects have received support from GKE (Global Knowledge Exchange), ComWeb Technology Group, AT&T, AT&T Learning Network, Lucent Technologies, SchoolCity, Macromedia Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Bose Corporation, Technology and Learning magazine, the Hunterdon Foundation, and others.

Learn more about GKE at
OR through
the ComWeb Technology Group at

Learn more about Dianye Middle School at
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Learn more about Florence McGinn, GKE Vice President of Research and Innovation, at

Florence McGinn is a former US Commissioner, who served on the Congressional Commission on Web-based Education; she chaired the K-12 Issues Group. That Congressional Commission was charged by legislation to deliver policy recommendations and a research report to the President and Congress. That recently delivered research report, THE POWER OF THE INTERNET FOR LEARNING: MOVING FROM PROMISE TO PRACTICE, is available on line. To download the report and its policy recommendations, go to

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